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Rocketry Organizations

National Association of Rocketry

The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is the oldest and largest sport rocketry organization in the world dating back to 1957 and over 80,000 members strong.  The NAR is the sanctioning body of  South Louisiana Rocketry.


Tripoli Rocketry Association

Tripoli is an organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of amateur high power rocketry.  It is also the sanctioning body of our sister club TRA-LA.  While the primary focus of Tripoli is geared more toward high power rocketry, the organization also supports the low, or model rocketry hobby as well.


Tripoli Louisiana

Tripoli Louisiana (TRA-LA) is our sister club which is focused more towards high power rocketry.  For more information on the organization, check out their website.





Giant Leap Rocketry

Owned by a fellow South Louisiana rocketeer, Ed Shihadeh, Giant Leap is an excellent source of high quality rocket components and motors.  Giant Leap is well known throughout the hobby for innovative and cutting edge products at with great prices and excellent customer service.


Apogee Rocketry Components

Apogee is a company that is truly dedicated to the hobby of model rocketry.  In addition to selling well known rocket kits, Apogee also stocks their own line of unique models and engines as well as several other "lesser known" quality brands.  The Apogee website is a wealth of hobby related information with free technical reports to download and an excellent free periodical newsletter.  Apogee is also the home of RockSim Design and Simulation software, considered by many to be the premier rocket design software.


Red Arrow Hobbies

Whether you're a model rocket beginner, expert or a rocketry business, Red Arrow Hobbies is the store for you.  Originators of Phlexible Phenolic, one of the most popular materials for high power rocket airframes Red Arrow Hobbies has served rocketeers, TARC teams, 4H clubs, scout and church youth groups, summer camps and schools for over 19 yrs.  While their website maybe less flashy and graphic oriented than many, their prices and customer support will more than make up the difference.


Semroc Aeronautic Corporation

Semroc is the new "old model rocket companies."  Originally born in November 1967 and after a 31 year "quiet phase", Semroc now qualifies as a B.A.R.M. (Born-Again-Rocket-Manufacturer).  Semroc strives to keep the roots of model rocketry alive by recapturing the fun that brought us to where the hobby is today and offering reproductions of many of the classic kits of years ago as well as modern adaptations and modifications.


Balsa Machining Service

BMS manufactures custom and standard rocket parts including balsa nose cones and transitions, centering rings, body tubes, couplers, motor mounts, etc.. as well as selling a selection of several specialized scale rocket kits and rocket glider kits and engines.  Balsa Machining Service is an excellent source for parts for that custom design or hard to find parts.


A2Z Hobbies
A2Z is a complete online hobby store, but their prices on rocketry items are hard to beat.  

Fliskits, Inc
FlisKits distinguishes itself in its return to "rocketry of old" with a large and growing array of model rocket kits that fire the imagination, teach basic skills and enables the modeler to grow their skills and interest in all that model rocketry has to offer.

Rocketry Information

The Rocketry Forum

The Rocketry Forum (TRF) is a discussion forum dedicated strictly to the rocketry hobby.  Here you will find user driven discussions on just about every aspect of the hobby from how to get started to some of the most advanced topics.  Most of the topics are casual in nature, so if you have a question or need a suggestion or just want to show off your latest effort, this is a great place to do so.


Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews

As the title suggests, EMRR is a website mainly dedicated to providing builder written reviews of all sorts of rocketry kits and products.  Note that the reviews on this site are not manufacturer influenced, therefore if you have a product you are ready to use or build, chances are you can find an honest review and other information pertaining to it here.  EMRR also provides several rocketry contests throughout the year with excellent prizes.


Rocketry Planet

A web portal dedicated to hobby rocketry enthusiasts around the globe.  Here you will find an exhaustive collection of hobby rocketry web site links for vendors, manufacturers, clubs, organizations, individuals as well informational sites, books, publications, as well as exclusive special reports, discussion forums, chat rooms and rocketry related auctions.


Model Rocket Altitude Predictor

A quick online model rocket simulation to predict expected altitude and other flight information based on a few parameters entered by the user.



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